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SuperBright LED Number plate bulbs

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Legal Notice

If your plate is legally spaced, we will put all the relevant legal writing at the bottom of your plate unless stated

Extreme Power 5W CREE SMD Canbus LED Sidelight 2 X Bulbs

  • Brightest CREE SMD LED's
  • Innovative Design - Prevents Bulb Warning Errors
  • Easy Installation - Simple Plug in & Play! 

These latest 3rd Generation 501 LEDs are designed in order to prevent bulb errors when fitting LED to modern cars. They have a built-in warning controller that stops any errors that you would normally experience with standard LED. Improving on the older models these new LEDS have better heat sink, resistance and longevity.

These LEDS use the latest world renown 5w Cree Led's; the brightest Led of all and are extremly bright compared to any other. Furthermore, they include a diffuser style lens, similar to a projector lens on a headlight, that evenly distributes light accross the lens.

Unfortunately no car is totally immune to errors even when canbus LEDS are fitted, this is because for safety reasons the canbus LEDs can only have a certain amount of resistance and some cars require more. In the rare cases where canbus LED does cause an error we can supply load resistors to cure this issue,these are available from this link: 10w Resistors for LED W5W, 501, 233, H6W (433C) Incl. wires clips

  • Model:  501 CREE 5W (W5W)
  • Colour: White
  • Luminous Flux: 900Lm
  • Power: 12v
  • Dimentions: 30mm Length x 12mm Width/Diameter