Double Sided Sticky Pads

Double Sided Sticky Pads

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Legal Notice

If your plate is legally spaced, we will put all the relevant legal writing at the bottom of your plate unless stated

They are excellent pads, don't stick to the hand but bond to the cars paint. Just make sure the surface is TOTALLY clean and dry and free from dust & moisture and do not apply in the rain or cold as even a bit of rain / cold temp will stop the pad from bonding. Just wipe the surface down with water or anything that is not oil or silicon based. In the cold heat up both the surface you’re sticking to and also the sticky pads once applied to the back of the plate with a heat gun / hair dryer. In 5 years never had a plate fall off 

If you’re sticking direct to a painted surface 5 pads are enough, however if you’re sticking to a plastic plate holder then you need loads of pads, from edge to edge as it’s harder to stick to it.

Finally some cars Eg. The back of a Merc, you need the thick 6mm pads. This is because mercs have 4-5mm bolts that protrude and the thicker sticky pads accommodate for these bolts that stick out.

  • For direct surface mounting on non-flat surfaces or surfaces with projections over the mounting area
  • Clean all wax & dirt from fixing area using the cleaning sachet
  • Apply 3 pads in position to reverse of number plate & remove protective film
  • Hold for 10 seconds to ensure good contact, full bonding strength reached after 24 hours
  • Minimum application temperature is 10c