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3D Gel Plate Printing

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Legal Notice

If your plate is legally spaced, we will put all the relevant legal writing at the bottom of your plate unless stated

Gel plates with custom spacing and centre text, printed and posted for next day delivery.

Sticky pads included


Registration number input

please use capitals & please input Registration spaced as you would like displayed on the plates


Please be aware If registration is altered then number plates will be printed as a show plates


Custom Slogan option

This will be a small text at the centre bottom of the number which will be displayed in capital letters  (please be aware if this option is chosen they will be printed as a show plate)


Legality in regards to displaying a number plate

Platezilla manufacturer both road legal number plates and off-road number plates. For road legal number plates you will need to design them in accordance with the legal guidelines displayed on our website. For off-road number plates you can design them as you wish but they are strictly for use on private land and not the UK Roads. It is your responsibility what you design online and Platezilla will not be held responsible for you using off-road number plates on UK Roads. If you are unaware of any of the legal guidelines and information please contact us before purchasing. All plates are made in Ireland and then shipped to our distributor in the UK and then shipped to you the customer by Royal Mail. Platezilla keeps records of every transaction that is placed. Platezilla will fully co-operate with the authorities on request if the number plates are used for illegal purposes. If you are unsure on any of the legal guidelines or have any question please contact Platezilla before ordering